Morris Flamingo


3 Finger Shear

44-20 Tapering & Thinning Shear

Budget Thinning Shear

Buttercut Entrée Gold Shear

Buttercut Shears

Feather Switch Blade Shear

Feather Switch Replacement Blades

Finger and Thumb Pads

Flamingo Designer Collection Shear

Fromm #89L Lefty Shear

Fromm Impressions Shear #289 - Includes Rest

Fromm Shogun #815L Lefty (Serrated Edge) Shear

Fromm Shogun #835 Shear

Fromm Ultralight Shear

Gold Barber Shear

Hair Styling Kit

Ice Tempered Shear

Kuniko Japanese Shear

Misaki Shears - Regular & Thinning

Morris Flamingo #22 Supercut Shear

Morris Flamingo #22T Taper and Thinning Shear

Morris Flamingo #44 Supercut Stainless Steel Shear

Shear Pliers

Stork Scissors

Supercut Replacement Blades #22/23

Supercut Replacement Blades #22T

Supercut Replacement Blades #44

Ultimate Pro Shear